My name is Rebeca. I am Venezuelan but I currently live in Germany with my husband and daughter.

Since 2016 I have been sharing homemade baked recipes on my spanish youtube channel, but for some time now I have felt that with videos it is not possible for me to explain them in great detail without them becoming too long. That is why I decided to open this space, to be able to share even more information about what I am learning day by day.

The blog started also as a spanish only page, and then I decided to expand it a little, first with the youtube channel and now also with the written recipes.

I’m autodidactic. I have not formally studied cooking, baking or pastry. But I discovered my passion for this world in 2015 when, wanting to eat things that were not available in Germany, I searched the web and recipe books for various options to enjoy the dishes that I could not find. I also noticed that if I went further I could modify and adapt the recipes to my style and that’s why I decided to start sharing the results.

Over time I have created more than 150 video recipes. My plan is to transcribe them here and at the same time add new weekly recipes.

In this blog you will find mostly sweet and baked recipes. But there is also room for special classics that may be savory or do not require baking; or for fresh seasonal recipes.

I share the video I made in celebration of my first 100 thousand subscribers on my spanish YouTube channel, where I also introduce myself so you can put a face to this space. Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the content.